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At Precious Child Care & Preschool we believe children are born to learn and learning is a God-given hunger created in them. Our goal is to provide a curriculum-rich environment to develop every area of a child’s life: social, emotional, spiritual, physical and academic. Children’s abilities to learn are expanded by acceptance, love, guidance and appropriate structure from teachers who understand their developmental needs Our primary objective is to provide curriculum that is designed to support and achieve our mission: to nurture life’s one-time gift of a happy childhood.


In our preschool classes we use the ACSI curriculum (Association of Christian Schools International). We use multiple learning styles to teach:

We use multiple learning styles to teach:

Basic math skills

Physical coordination

Muscle development

Music fundamentals

Interpersonal skills

Healthy emotional expression and perception

Appreciation of nature

Lesson Plans & Themes

Each lesson plan is designed to present information to our students in various ways, so that children with a variety of learning styles and talents will have the opportunity to shine and be understood. When tested, kindergartners who go through our program have scored above average and several of our students have entered the Edmonds School District Challenge Program in first grade.

Our Curriculum Objectives are:


  • Pre-Reading
  • Pre-Writing
  • Pre-Math
  • Pre-Science



  • Dexterity
  • Safety
  • Learning basic games and sports
  • Fitness and health


Music and Movement:

Music and Movement is used throughout the day and introduces developmentally appropriate activities specific to early childhood. Songs and activities are fun, easy to learn, and keep children moving.



  • To love God and to love one another
  • Bible stories and events
  • Songs
  • Scripture Verses
  • Basic morality (Ten Commandments, Golden Rule – No doctrine)



  • Respect for teachers
  • Respect for parents
  • Respect for classmates
  • Basic interpersonal skills
  • Communication
  • Cooperation
  • Kindness
  • Sharing

Brain Gym

In each class at PCCP we implement a transition routine taken from Brain Gym® International. Brain Gym exercises are short activities teachers can do with their students to release stress, expend excess energy and enhance learning. The children do different body movements that stimulate the neurons in the brain to connect. This promotes focus and routine in the classroom, which in turn enables us to have smooth transitions. These movements are designed to improve:

These movements are designed to improve:


Physical Coordination

Relating to others

Self control

Organization skills



Concentration and Focus






Brain Gym Excersises

Brain Buttons

Brain Buttons help to reduce stress and are ideal  between activities. 

Brain Buttons help to reduce stress and are ideal exercises between activities.  Students press their fingertips lightly against their upper chest. Students then close their eyes and breathe slowly. Teachers may find it helpful to count while the students breathe, encouraging a five-second breath inward, holding the breath for five seconds, then releasing for five seconds. Students should repeat this exercise about three times.

Hook Ups

Used before transitions and helps children relax, focus and concentrate. 

To perform Hook Ups, students sit in their chairs and cross their right legs over their left legs at their ankles. Students then place their right wrists over their left wrists, and curl their hands inward so that their fingers may interlock. Students should rotate their wrists so that their fingers are toward their bodies and their elbows point outward. The hands should then be drawn in to the breast bone.  activities.