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The most important decision a working parent can make is selecting who will care for their children. We acknowledge the concerns of each parent in making this critical choice. We are more than happy to take you on a tour of our facility, introduce you to the teachers that will be caring for your child, and explain our policies and nature of care. 

Programs and Classrooms

Our tiniest children need very special care. With one teacher to four infants, each infant gets one on one care, stimulation, and love. These precious little ones enjoy songs, smiles, feeding times, naps, special play times, and of course lots of love. 

2 to 24 months

Our Toddler room is designed to stimulate your child’s imagination and enhances fine and large muscle coordination. We've created a nurturing environment with a 4 to 1 ratio which allows your child to have individualized attention.

Early Preschool
2 year olds

The Jungle Bungalow classroom is for children 2 years old to potty trained. While our 2 year olds are having fun just being kids, we continue to work on social and life skills. We also introduce math, reading, and writing concepts. Children will be learning how to cut and paste, hold a pencil, and other small and large motor skills. 

We have two preschool classes. Three year olds participate in a wide variety of activities such as music, art science, dramatic play, and  Bible stories. The children are introduced to phonics and continue to work on writing skills, math concepts and much more. The skills learned in this class prepare the children for our Pre-Kindergarten program. 


Preschool and

4 year olds

Our Pre-Kindergarten Class is unique and emphasizes learning skills that will carry on with them throughout their educational experience. With loving teachers and a wonderful program, each child walks away with a desire to learn and explore, as well as a strong academic foundation for Kindergarten.



Precious Child Care and Preschool sees every child as a treasure, and provides each one the opportunity to learn and grow in the manner that is best suited to them individually.  We believe children learn best when they are having fun! Our learning centers are designed to spark the imagination. Children are encouraged to explore their world through math, science, reading, multiple languages, music, small and large motor skills, and art.  As a Christian preschool we teach Bible stories, songs, and activities that will help each child begin to understand the love of God, treat others as they wish to be treated, to respect parents, teachers, civic servants, and leaders.